Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grexit becomes Grestayin

unhappy Greeks © Eurokinissi

News comments:
Greece has decided to fight and to continue with the Euro.

Eurocrats et al will be greatly joyed by the Greek people having no choice but to stay in the Euro and live a life of ever falling living standards.

Some people are gluttons for punishment. The Greeks certainly are. So no more moaning Greeks, pictures of burning buildings or stories of pensioners hanging themselves from trees.

Greece is back in. Hurrah! The Euro is saved, long live the technocrats.

Greece has decided not to leave the Euro but will the other countries have the will to keep bailing them out along with the PIS? It looks like they have.

Either way I have been proved wrong, a fool and an idiot. I deserve to lose every penny on my shorts (except I am sitting on USD and rock n roll memorablia...) and should stop commenting on the Euro debacle. And I will.

Today's shorts:
Goldman Sachs (reuters)

Today's longs:
Euro is new currency of quality (bloomberg)

Greece to grow stronger and become the next Germany.