Monday, June 25, 2012

Long Olympic Tickets

for sale © fintag

News comments:
@natwest. All very fishy.

You know when RIM went down and we were blackberryless because some terrorists were going to strike in the USA [Ed: That is classified], the excuses coming out were quite frankly bizarre.

An upgrade error.

And remember Twitter and Google going down?

More upgrade errors.

So we now have RBS / Natwest, a bank owned by the UK taxpayer, not being able to pay people. That is what they are supposed to do. Pay people. Move money around. Isn't it worrying they cannot seem able to do this?

An upgrade error.

Actually no. A bit like the way the traffic lights are always red in London (testing for the Olympics), NatWest is being tested for when the Euro collapses.

Tis true.

Talking of Olympics, I managed to get hold of 4 closing ceremony tickets for my new fund, the "Anything but listed global manx 4 fund llc" and I am looking for a valuation price.

EBay seems a good place but apparently I cannot sell them there.

So please tell me how much you would pay for these tickets and I will pass on your prices to the funds auditors.

The best price gets a couple of tickets (at that price of course ....)

Today's shorts:
Spain asks for cash (reuters)

RBS systems are mostly excel (fintag)

Today's longs:
Lawyers line up to hammer RBS (bbc)

Hester to be given Fred Goodwins penion for services to banking.


Corp Tax said...

give you 175 quid for them

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