Thursday, July 26, 2012

Super Mario is turning into Ben Bernanke

mario draghi © nintendo

News comments:
Spain is to be saved. Hallelujah! Deja Vu ....

The ECB is going to bring out its nuclear weapons, its printing presses, its lawyers and just go for it. Save Spain at all costs to save the Euro.

In the meantime the plight of Cyprus and Greece is ignored but with super Mario Draghi playing with the markets like a god on speed, spouting out his Europe is getting even closer and all its countries are in it together like the three Musketeers, the silly season continues unabated.

The only way the ECB can do its job is to issue Eurobonds and print Euros. He believes the Germans are on board in underwriting the Euro fiasco (if you say it is all fine enough times, the markets will believe you too) and the European sovereign debt crisis will go away and embarrass the Credit Rating Agencies into looking like fools.

Super Mario is turning into Ben Bernanke; lots of plans and ideas to distort the markets in the short term and screw it all up for the rest of us in the long term.

Remember Sweden in the 1990s? It looked just like most of the European countries now. Shot to pieces. So Sweden blew itself up, started over and is looking pretty healthy (despite all those thriller novels).

Pain leads to gain. Saying words leads to Peter and the Wolf.

Today's shorts:
Super Mario to wed an American man (telegraph)

A UK leader says the country is in really good shape (guardian)

Today's longs:
Sweden women (sfgate)

Markets to tank later next week.


t said...

If IG Metall takes a 15% pay rise, this problem will be over immediately.

Accountants Brighton said...

I know it's hard - especially with the characters we have at the top - but shouldn't we all be thinking that we WILL get out of this mess as opposed to thinking it's all going to go wrong? Again?!