Friday, July 6, 2012

Will this woman burst the pimple?

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News comments:
There are a handful of people whose hands hover over the button.

Many of them are grumpy retrospective deluded doom mongerers such as the Head of the IMF, Ben Bernanke, Mervyn King and George Osbourne. But out of these out of their depth muppets we have a new hero emerging who could determine the end of the Euro and bring peace and stability to the world's global markets.

An economically small Euro country, but with something the USA would love to have - a triple A rating, has decided bailing out the feckless is not in their interest. (economic times)

Finland is run by Jutta Urpilainen, a fiesty no nonsense leader who has sense on her side.

Is she the new Margaret Thatcher? Let us hope so.

Today's shorts:
Barclays to be wound down (reuters)

Today's longs:
China readies its fire power (marketwatch)

Unemployed man to launch new hedge fund - "Geezer Capital".


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