Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Caught with trousers down

caught with trousers down © tmz

News comments:
The world is falling apart and those in control have been caught with their trousers down:

China is turning into Japan (telegraph).

Europe still believes it can save the Euro with words and agreements (nyp).

The UK said it was cutting public debt when it was increasing it. (debtbombshell).

The US rally is all huff and puff (fa).

The USA's fiscal cliff will have more impact on the world's economy than Greece exiting the Euro. (washingtonpost).

Four Floors Whores (eveningstandard).

However, the really good news is hedge funds are as safe as houses (fsa/telegraph). So AIFM which aims to curtail hedge funds is a complete waste of time. But in this new world of CYA, red tape is the new way of doing things and the chances of this regulation being scrapped is as slim as Prince Harry announcing he is Gay.

Red tape and business prevention is here to stay in Europe and it is all this tweaking and consensus that will bring the "big one" later this year. Can't you feel it? A crash is in the air.

So what to do? Well if those who lead read their history books, they should realise growth comes from confidence. So give us some confidence. In the mean time, I shall be saving up for that trip to Mars (cnn) to start over. Fancy being my Eve?

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Being useless is the new PhD.


alternative investments said...

I think China possibly entering deflation is a HUGE story.