Friday, September 28, 2012

Haven't we been here before?

© fintag

News comments:
Often I stare at Bloomberg and it all looks so familiar.

Being a financial journalist / commentator / agitator / windbag (please delete) is sometimes very easy when the events of the day are like the events of yesterday. News repeating itself. Here are some examples for the weekend:

Nothing ever changes at the ONS...

October 2011: UK statistics - finger in the air (fintag)

1 year later: Time for MPs to summon statisticians over endless revisions (cityam)

Spain coats itself with Teflon...

Santander is the next Northern Rock (fintag)

Spain bank test joke (businessweek)

Apple loses its way...

Lost in space (reuters)

The Emperors new clothes (fintag)

RIM is dead (almost)...

RIM RIP (fintag Jun12)

RIM is BB10ody alive and kickin' (reuters)

Bank of America is not fit for purpose...

Investors get some of their cash back (bloomberg)

Cobol is the new Apple 6 OS (fintag Jul12)

France eats itself...

France puts up taxes to cover Greek exposure (fintag Nov11)

France puts up taxes to cover Greek exposure (wallstreetjournal)

Euro to collapse next week / Euro to be saved with lots of important meetings and press announcements (please delete).


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