Monday, September 3, 2012

Three big events

green bollox © aet

News comments:
In the world today there are three big events.

Will useless Obama get a second term because his opponent is even more useless (and I lose my $100 bet?)?

Will the EU talk us into boredom such that by the time the Euro collapses we will be in the middle of Credit Boom 3.0?

Will the really useless George Osborne actually do something?

Brits like to be different. We like to innovate and set the scene. Alas Georgie Osborne is no Brit. A bit like Samsung he likes to copy and follow.

So now we have a new Big Society idea. Create a local bank that will lend to SMEs. (yahoo) Uh? The UK government already owns RBS and Lloyds TSB so why doesn't it force them to lend to small SMEs? And surely this will have to be approved by the EU because it is a state funded bank? I give up. Why won@t he just slash VAT and other business prevention taxes, tax empty houses in Belgravia and allow people like me to hire anyone I want to at any wage I want to and fire anyone I want to whenever I want?

Remember the Green Bank? (guardian) It was supposed to help out businesses in the "green" space? But now we find the FSA banning investments in Timber, Wind Farms and other sustainable assets and green is a bit left for the likes of the Tories (although Zac Goldsmith (bbc) wants to ensure his people like K-Patz, Brad Pitt and Tim Rice don't get noise polluted by more Airbus planes)

Still, at least I am not French (and a socialist). In the short space of a few months the great saviour of France is looking more and more like George Osborne everyday (if you take his glasses off that is). (telegraph)

But that is dull. So what are we all investing in?

London Prime, London student accommodation, Corn, Nokia, Golf [Ed: I think you mean Gold] and for those of you who are sophisticated professionals, Supertuscan and Burgundy wines.

Today's shorts:
Goldman says short some junk (ciol)

Today's longs:
Reds United (bbc)

New gold standard is here (marketwatch)

George Osborne is having an affair with Nick Clegg (sponge or stone?)


Anonymous said...

Clegg + Osborne's IQ must be about the same as a green pig.

Ms Robinson said...

lovely stuff Fintag.Vintage.