Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why the over 50's should be culled

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News comments:
Baby Boomer scum. [Apologies. I have discovered some grey pubes and had to drown my sorrows. Rant should be taken with a pinch of salt]

This is a true story. Names and locations have been changed.

A friend from university is the source; a child of "Baby Boomer" parents who did very little but had an incredibly lucky life at the expense of the rest of us. Right time, right place.

Two people. An Artist. A Journalist. Met in a squat in grotty Notting Hill circa 1950. Landlord wouldn't visit area as too dangerous so gave them the title deeds. Later, the house was turned into an artist community and many who lived there have works in Tate Modern and MoMA. True bohemian life of sex and drugs and fun. Then came family and responsibility and squat turned into nice family home. A very big home with many floors and bedrooms that has featured in Hollywood films (Depp, Weddings et al) and which they recently sold for GBP45m. Tax free. Not a bad return for a struggling artist and a lowly paid hack.

Inbetween they and their children were educated for free; health care looked after by the state and when they didn't work the state paid them while they were idle. When they retired the state gave them a pension too.

Life is about luck. After WW2, those living in the West have had it pretty good. It started out tough of course (rationing and all that) but just got better and better. Vacations. Fridge. Cars. Property. Paid help. Education. Health. Sports. Culture. Cheap chinese made goods. Communications. Apple.

Chances of this being replicated are pretty slim. Children born post 1985 may have been born into a luxurious heaven of everything now and everything works, but will be finding life a bit trickier these days. Unlike their parents where heaven got better, they are living in a world on no jobs, crap jobs, tinnitus and no religion.

So what can be done about it? The Baby Boomers have had all the cake and you lot are having to do the washing up.

What the world needs most [Ed: is love sweet love?] is a plague or war to wipe out those over 50. Men's sperm over 40 is defective useless and dementia is the new black.

Too many unproductive people at both ends (under 25 and over 50) so its time for a clear out. I am banking on Israel versus Iran. Gas versus Oil. Watch this space.

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