Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Will they or won't they?

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News comments:
On and on and on.

Over the years history tells us a boom follows a bust. Those owning distressed real estate all know in the long run they will make a profit. If they can hold on long enough (e.g Santander).Well that is how it's supposed to go. So imagine if the EU crats weren't distorting the markets and equity markets reflected the true reality and value of the world today with proper volumes and less vol? The markets would surely be 20, maybe 40, maybe even lower than they should be. Or maybe not. With low interest rates we could well be booming right now.

But we are not. So again we wait for another event. Will the Germans allow the ECB to buy some sticky plaster? That is the question. And if so how much plaster will they allow to be bought?

Life really is too short to be going long on anything except corn. And potatoes. Have you seen how much it is a tonne c.f last year? Ooof. Your Big Mac and fries will be getting smaller later this year.

The Germans have dished out some plasters buy only EUR190bn or so. Well that ain't gonna be enough is it?! (bloomberg)


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The right to have ones foreskin (spiegel)

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Germany will say yes! Sort of.