Friday, October 19, 2012

Google: Season 3 review

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News comments:
Google. A bit like a DVD boxset.

You watch the pilot and first season. It's new and exciting with twists and turns and has you gagging to watch season 2. The Wire. The OC. Homeland. Mad Men. Suits. Grays Anatomy. Downton Abbey.

But as you know, all good things whither and some faster than others. As the program matures and the script writers get lazy, interest starts to dwindle and we start hunting around on IMDB for the next fix. Borgen. Wallander. Spiral. Watching stocks are the same and Google is suffering from that dreaded 3rd album syndrome.

When Google destroyed Excite, Yahoo and Alta Vista with its easy to understand search engine and whacky misspelled name we found ourselves wanting more. We got quick ads, blogger, maps, YouTube, Android. And lots of other minor characters and sub plots.

But it is a competitive space and Google is no longer an imnovator. Take search. Google search is no longer the first place many of us go. We have apps now. Journalists prefer "real time" engines like or tweetdeck. Even Facebook is becoming a popular destination. Google search is effectively dead.

So where next for Google? A steady decline meez thinks. Microsoft managed to keep afloat with the corporate dollar but with cloud and cost cutting, who needs or wants Windows 8? But Microsoft will survive. But I am not sure about Google. Its services like Google+ and Maps are in just one of many, and the firm seems to spend more time on privacy and data collection issues than innovation. Android is open source and yields little income and its a company that does lots of things but none really well.

It also seems we are, without us realising it, at the start of something new. The old are going. My bug bears of the last few years are falling. Diamond. Coffey. Pandit. Even tax avoiding Starbucks.

But there are still some constants. Whereas Google appears to be faltering, perhaps cataching a cold from RIM, Goldman Sachs are still with us.

A disgruntled Goldmaner maybe trying to cash in on his time (and wasn't it dull? The anecdotes are pathetic) but this bank that never wants to die just gets stronger and stronger.

Google needs to watch and learn.

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