Friday, November 30, 2012

28 Days Later and there is no Twilight

zombie © wikihow

News comments:
Zombies everywhere. Companies, Countries and the unemployed.

The latest EU unemployment statistics (12%+) are truly terrifying. Spain and Greece are occupied by 25 year old zombies, let down by liberals and do gooders who couldn't let the market do what it does best - clear out the unproductive and allow the productive to shine. These educated, eager and energetic workers are deemed worthless. A lost generation cliche.

With zombie Companies propped up by artificailly low interest rates and inept countries that should have gone bust years ago, we are all living in a 28 days later world. Rabbits. Headlights. Inertia. No wonder Asia is shrugging aside the last few years and pushing ahead with its own growth agenda.

No wonder Baked Beans are no longer available in Tesco too, when the end of the world (fintag 2011) is upon us. More zombies to add to the multitude who sit in the Houses of Parliament, FSA and the stately castles of the EU.

Now I am off to lunch ...

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