Tuesday, November 13, 2012


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News comments:
All seems rather suspicious, don't you think?

Having upgraded to Windows 8 (don't bother as its a nightmare) and cursing Microsoft for another new layer of complexity, I read MSN is to be closed down. (onlinenewsheardnow)

MSN is the energy markets main communication tool. It is quick, instant and there is no audit trail. No wonder energy traders love it so much. Trading systems are built around MSN.

And then we learn the FSA (guardian) is to investigate the opaque world of energy pricing. A few players, huge contracts, bi-lateral agreements and counterparties like Nigeria, Angola and Russia (ouch).

It seems a coincidence that these two events have happened within a few days of each other. Or I am suffering from the end of the world syndrome? (nasa)

Today's shorts:
Fiscal Cliff rally (bloomberg)

Today's longs:
UK to ramp up interest rates (reuters)

Energy traders to replace MSN with fax machines.