Monday, December 17, 2012

Google: I made a mistake

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News comments:
This weekend I met an innovator who works as a consultant to Google.

Of course I told him Google was a dead business (fintag) but he told me things that really did turn my opinion around. Google is possibly the most exciting company since the invention of sliced bread.

You see Google collects data. A dull business but one that has serious benefits in the arena of health care. As privacy becomes something of a historical event, and the hypocratic oath a nonsense where facebook fills up with groups of people proud they have hepatitis or diabetes or bunions, the masses are happily giving away their medical records. A sort of open-source data set that Pharmas dream of in their ever increasing attempts to replace their ending patents with new revenues, it is clear that these companies will become ever more reliant on the huge samples of data that only Google can offer.

Google is right there ready to collect this data; bio statisticians are ready to find correlations and causations; android app developers are ready to launch apps that can measure your blood pressure from analysing your eyes and tell you when you will get dementia. (imedicalapps) As doctors become history, Google will not only be the doctor of choice, it will tell you what is wrong with you, prescribe remedies (they ones it wants to) and pass this information onto your life assurance company who will cancel your policy.

Insurance companies are demanding information on mortality and likelihood of illness and disease and it will be Google who will provide this information. Not sure on the ethics but I am a convert. It will happen and Google will become the most powerful company on the planet. Would you rely on a Pharma drug that has been tested on rats and a few hundred people or have Google tell you 300 million people have your condition because they live within 100 meters on a Macdonalds?

Data is king and those who have it will control pretty much everything. Up Google! I am sorry I doubted your business.

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