Friday, February 22, 2013

Blackberry Z10: Good, Bad and Ugly

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News comments:
The end of the world never happened (fintag) so I have upgraded my Blackberry to the Z10.

I know there are lots of reviews but they are from people who have played with it for a couple of hours. I have had mine for 6 days and know more about the device than I think Rim (oooer missus) does. Will this thing save Blackberry? Let's find out.

Firstly, it is clear the UK release before the USA was so it could be tested thoroughly by people like me. And it has bugs and omissions and damn right ugliness. A bit like a day one android phone but that is no excuse given Blackberry had plenty of time to copy the iPhone, Windows phone and Android devices.

The good...

I hate the metal iPhone. The nickel gives me a rash so I rejoice the plastic rubber of the Z10. It feels soft in the palm.

The back comes easily so replacing the battery is quick.

The app library is way better than Windows.

I have added a 128GB sd card. Awesome. Up yours iPhone. I even got this encrypted too. [Ed: Just checked and its 64GB. You should have gone to specsavers]

The phone clarity is superb. It actually works. Up yours iPhone.

Multi-tasking is great. I love the windows you can kill off.

The Camera is extremely good. Front and back facing too; fast and with some nice features. My old camera is now in the trash.

The bad...

You need big hands. We are all used to using two thumbs but the Z10 is not really designed that way. Its like an iPhone when you hold it.

The gesture swipes are inconsistent. Sometimes you open a web page and you can't escape from it! So out pops the battery like the old days ...

So you swipe up to logon and then type your password and then have to click enter at the top of the screen. This is way too crap.

The battery lasts about 5 hours. That is poor. I am on a plane to Hong Kong and my phone is dead on arrival.

The button at the top to turn it off is pants. Its too small and crap.

Where is the camera button? Why do I have to logon to use the camera? [Ed: Just read the manual and its the icon on the home screen - hold it down for 2 seconds.]

I don't want my calendar displayed on the logon screen.

The ugly...

Sync with gmail calendar? No chance. It takes 24 hours and then its read only. Yahoo works fine though. BES obviously as before. UPDATE The latest update as of 1 March 13 has fixed this.

Why can't I have different ring tones for different people and events?

Why can't I hide the useless icons that I will never need?

Why can't I group the email boxes like I used to be able to on my old bold?

Why can't I tuck away my spreadbetting email account from prying eyes?

Why are the icons like an iPhone? Why not something more interesting? And configurable too?

The Hub is a mess.

Conclusion ...
Well its better than the Storm. Its a bit like the first iPhone but with multitasking. It has lost lots of classic BB functionality and replaced it with copy cat stuff. It is better than an iPhone but the Samsung beats it hands down. I should have waited for the Galaxy IV.

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Blackberry Z10 to be last ever phone by Blackberry.


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Nokia soooo much more 20th century