Friday, March 22, 2013

Blackberry in the USA

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News comments:
While the world waits to see how the Cyprus debacle turns out, the real stress weighing on the minds of most business people is Blackberry`s Z10 launch in the USA.

As you know I am a Z10 owner and the first week was hell. That was until the upgrades came and now it's my favourite gadget. Android!s jelly custard OS is a bit odd and when the device is on your life is handed over to Google who look after your data, and although my new nexus tablet has lots of whizz bang dolphin gesture apps, it doesn't feel like its finished. The BlackBerry 10 is finished and it is better than both the iPhone and Android. The Z10 device is great.

Even so it's 2 years too late and endorsements from an Apple short seller aren't going to save the company, which is a shame.

Back to Cyprus. Bad bank, Russian takeover or bond holders having to empty their pockets, this is a close call.

Today's shorts:
Cyprus trees (bbc)

Today's longs:
USA I no Cyprus bloomberg

Cyprus to be renamed Cyprusikstan.


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