Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stik-ee fingers equals profits

stik © banksy

News comments:
As bonds become no more, equities are where its at.

No need to short just yet. Everything is a buy and that includes Apple. Yesterday, to keep warm, I snuggled into the Regent St Apple store and was abducted by the blue clad staff who forced me to buy stuff I just didn't need (bluetooth speakers?). So I swapped my iCons with the Big Issue seller outside for some Stik posters which I am ebaying for a few hundred.

After lunch my greasy fingers (Polpo dishes) were used to randomly buy equities. And yes, I am up 1.4%. The good times are back. Irrational momentum madness.

My quants are looking at the correlation of new Popes and the Chancellor putting up taxes on beer and hey presto its boom boom boom. Until May when as usual cash is all that will be held. Lots of USD of course.

Today's shorts:
Swiss cheese (bloomberg)

FSA haven't an AIF'M clue(lexology)

Today's longs:
Castrated pope to be elected (reuters)

Anything but Gold.


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