Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The USA is like Ronaldo

god © offside

News comments:
Ronaldo is the greatest player ever. So says his manager. (telegraph)

The USA is a bit like Ronaldo. Talented but expensive to service. As a Brit I look out the window onto the tourists that consume Old Bond Street and the overseas investors who seem to own everything (Football clubs to Buildings) and wonder what life would be like as an American. A bit like Spanish Real Madrid having a Portuguese as its star talisman. [Ed: Another lunch at Madisons?]

Of course, like those in the know, I would have relinquished my citizenship years ago because of its anti wealth creation (yahoo) regulations and would have found ways of enjoying the wealth producing nation without living there. You know, S&P futures for starters (telegraph). And Campari and Soda which you will find me guzzling in the Mandarin on a Thursday night (bloomberg).

The UK is shot to pieces. I love the place and yet detest it at the same time. We hate bankers and yet don't defend them given its our only source of income (reuters). So the only thing to do is go long real estate assets, the USD and the S&P and short the GBP and anything else that isn't luxury (Rolls Royce, Burberry et al).

Today's shorts:
Ruddock shorts his partners (hedgeweek)

Rich scum bags (telegraph)

Today's longs:
The best night in 2013 (sky)

Z10 on the way to being best smartphone on the market thanks to fintag complaints (register)

Dowdy (zerohedge)

Man Utd, owned by Americans, to win again.


GreenWorld Alternative Investments said...

You really do capture the dichotomy of the UK. Everyone hates the City, but given that banking and finance is a huge source of wealth and tax revenue, it seems like the Government should be at the barricades defending this sector from Brussels. Oh, and developing a proper industrial policy might help too.