Friday, May 17, 2013

Les bons moments sont de retour

asterix parc
© fintag

News comments:
When there is madness in the air, it is time to make a killing.

We may all complain that this free liquidity environment is stoking up the mother of all crashes (fintag gets it wrong) but if you haven't joined the party it is time to load up and splurge on alpha.

Take that van for hire business, Ocado. You know my views but we are here to make money so hats off to those Goldmanites who just never gave up and have made my day (bloomberg - 50% gain). Best to follow the Goldman rule of trading - bitch and buy or smile and short. You know what I mean.

Take France. The man at the helm is a 1950's Harold Wilson without the charisma and his country is dying in a cess pool of misery. And yet it is the place to live (which is why I spend much time here too spending my bitcoins on the lonely women of Cannes [Ed: Surely not?]). You see France is a bit like Ocado was yesterday (foothillsoffrance) for tomorrow it will be a big boom country. Trust me, it will. When a hedgie says the country is on the verge of anarchy (telegraph) it's time to buy (especially if you loved Asterix as a child).

In the meantime, throw your darts at a list of tickers and take your pick (although skew away from oil if you can) and with your profits you too could snap up a castle ....

Today's shorts:
You tell me ...

Today's longs:
Anything but government debt

Hedge funds to abandon shorting.


Anonymous said...

I miss the halcyon days of fintag when you sent an email out, every day. In the good old days, your flat out wrong predictions were more likely to be ahead of their time, misunderstood, or so sophisticated that they transcended temporal analysis.

Can you please post every weekday morning? It's the only this crap makes sense to me.

Richardlogo ~ Otoh said...

Re: Attali et Moscovici ont tué Bitcoin en France - Libertalia - Cet article est un torchon fourré de contre vérités et de d'affirmations factuellement incorrectes.

Richardlogo ~ Otoh said...

You guys may be interested in this: An event on July 2nd connecting entrepreneurs, angel and VC investors, and hedge fund professionals in the Bitcoin space in London.

Anonymous said...

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Time to buy in Spain said...

Hi Richard, I would love to go... it is a shame that I saw it in 2016 ;)

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