Friday, May 24, 2013

Monkey Portfolio Random 10 UK

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News comments:
How to make 2% in a week by randomly selecting some UK stocks.

The equity markets are booming and you don't need to be a C# jockey to make money. No need to short or hedge. Enjoy the boom and trade because it will be over later this year.

As noted in my last post, my excel spreadsheet has randomly (ok with a small amount of bias and weighting and manual over ride) pumped out 10 UK listed stocks. I will buy GBP100,000 of each on the close price today (24 May 2013) and sell on the close next Friday and be at least GBP20,000 better off (and that's with a bank holiday too!). If this works out I will select some US stocks the week after (saves me having to use my brain with another outrageously witty blog post that will feature as another Bloomberg / FT headline) and demonstrate that you only need to click a few buttons and spend the rest of the week lying in bed.

So here goes ...


Goldman to replace its OEMs (overpaid equity morons) [Ed: Steady] with UEMs (underpaid equity monkeys).


Anonymous said...

It will work.... unless a politician opens his mouth!

Anonymous said...

How did this work out for you?

Chris Rado said...

Haha, the OEMs and UEM made me laugh hard!

Nice one!

Corp Tax said...

assuming you used closing price on 24th may and 31st may you lost approx 12.4% in 1 week.

Corp Tax said...

Hedge Fund performance nowadays is all Beta. Most of them are long the exact same stocks. There is no edge anymore. Investors are better off using Index tracker funds with low tracking errors

Rick Lost said...

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