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In October 2009, Finbar Taggit sold his hedge fund business. Or more accurately he gated it until some Eastern Europeans knocked on his day and asked for their money back ...

Today his life is one of frustration, dilemma and disenchantment. Why does he find life so difficult when he lives the life of utter and total luxury? He is deluded about his importance, never content and is going to fall very quickly and fast. Austerity cuts are hitting him hard and his assets are depleting rapidly. So come and join the exploits of someone crumbling before your eyes.

It is 2011 and he is back. This time its an advisory business which means lots of lunches and no sales.


Finbar Taggit is the author of the world renowned and award winning blog site fintag.com which he closed down and saved as a pdf for historical purposes.

He is also the author of Fintag’s Crap Cartoons that charted the Credit Crunch was a highlight of his off piste career. This has been followed up by a collection of Street Photographs and his 2011 Best Places to Eat and Drink in London.

He loves lunching and dining journalists, as he is really a gossip at heart, and is always on the look out for the next Scotts or Murano.

His most recent achievement has been the role model for a character or two in the following book:


Finbar © fintag

When he is not eating and drinking rare New Zealand Pinot Noir, he is on a quest to highlight the complexities and idiosyncrasies of being rich and idle.
Finbar is also learning to spell and write properly following years of number abuse.

The Editor.

For a private chat, Finbar can be contacted at: finbar.taggit@fintag.com

For a public chat, Finbar can be found at twitter.com/fintag