Innocent Til Proven Guilty

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Here are some random testimonials ...

"The Euro will be stronger and you will be weaker" Anon. (Sept 11)

"I thought you had died a while back. Good to see you revelling in the double dip again" J Marketwatch(Jul 10)

"I think a blog about a rich andbored man going slowly going of the rails will be infinitely moreentertaining than market commentary (which isn't even worth the paperit's not longer printed on)."
damiendamien (Oct 09)

"...for more than a year i've had this really annoying habit (to my husband anyway) of having my insomnia kick in at about 515 am when i reach over for my blackberry to enjoy your daily missive. when it's not there i have to go read james wolcott over at vanity fair, who is amazing, but not smart and funny about finance."
CS, Facebook (Jan 09)

"Your analysis of the housing problem on 3rd was perfect."

"I love getting your letter each morning"

"How bloody brilliant"

GW Austin "Hat Tip Fintag"
FT Alphaville (2008)

"If you think the market looks bad at the moment, things could be worse according to hedge fund manager Fintag …" Guardian (Oct 2008)

"There is only one commentator who has consistently been one step ahead of everyone and that is FINTAG. The man (presuming he is a man) is a genius." Anon (Sept 2008)

"...proved amazingly right on predictions (credit definitely due) ...90% of his predictions have now happened." Observer (Oct 2008)

"Hey Finbar, I'm a lowly derivative software salesmen however... reading your daily blog is the highlight of my day! Keep it up! :)" CP, Facebook (April 2008)

"I found him charming and forthcoming and, most importantly, got a taste of the frank insights that have made him a must-read for professional money managers worldwide." Aaron Task, Yahoo! Finance (Feb 2008)

"I sit down most week-day mornings and settle in to visit my favorite websites of which yours is one ... many times, I've stopped my husband on his way out the door, to regale him with a story or witty commen. I'm an energy derivatives consultant and often find little precious nuggets of interest to pass on during presentations - factual, pertinent, informative and, so many times, down right hilarious. Thanks - I love the way you do what you do!" Ms VF, Facebook (Feb 2008)

"...highly entertaining Fintag commentary" Steen Jakobsen (Dec 2007)

"The best explanation I have seen so far [on why them Markets reacted to the Fed's interest rate decision] comes not from an economist, strategist or trader but from the hedge fund manager over at Fintag." The Daily Telegraph (Dec 2007)

"I really rate your site." Jacob Bettany, CEO, MoneyScience (Oct 2007)

"...used to read your blog and think you were refreshing - publishing the things we were thinking. Then over the past few months you've published lots of daft things. Still, it can be amusing and I enjoy the hoard of news items 1st thing, cheers. Good luck old man." Facebook Friend (Sept 2007)

"Great job with the articles and keep them coming! I'd enjoy bouncing bearish views of particulars of various markets and shareholder activism your way. If you're ever in NYC and have a free lunch or dinner, please drop me an email. " Dispute Resolution Lawyer, Milberg Weiss, New York (July 2007)

"Thanks for the blog. Really great stuff! In fact, I keep it a secret because I feel it gives me some edge over the guys I compete with (and they probably do the same) ;)" Mr E.F., Facebook. (Jul 2007)

"...finbar's imagination knows no bounds, he should spend less time blogging and more time fixing gottesman's blackberry... if glg doesn't treat him right at year end, he can come and work at the levered long UK subprime property fund I intend to launch. is he any good at building default models that factor in time spent watching big brother and england flags on 1995 golfs per capita?" Mr M, Facebook. (Jul 2007)

"A friendless HF manager. Is it even possible for such a thing to exist?" Mr Johnson, Facebook. (Jul 2007)

"Thank you so much for your hedge fund blog! The articles you link to are always relevant or extremely interesting … " South African graduate (Jul 2007)

"This is hilarious" Felix Salmon, Portfolio.com.

You're making me hungry with all these restaurant photos. I really must find my way over to London sooner rather than later. If it wasn't for the poor, sad U.S. Dollar. I love the blog - keep it up! s0ren (June 2007)

"Consider us new subscribers" Financial Times (Oct 2006)

"I don't know how I originally stumbled upon FiNTAG but you have to love it. Great commentary on the day's hedge fund news from the principal commentator named - of course - Fintag….the remarks alone are worth the visit." Alpha Guy (Feb 2007)