Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 will make 2011 look like a picnic

2012 © God

News comments:
So this is what we thought 2011 would look like:

You Thought 2010 was a shocker

Dow is up 3.4%
US House Prices down 16%
US Interest Rates go up to 1.5%
Gold increases 35%
English Premier League will go bust.
Italy leaves Euro
UK police are fired and replaced by the Army (borrowed from France)

As you can see we were hit and miss. 2011 was a shocking year for many and liberating for others. With dictators falling like flies and eurocrats acting like flies, there was something of everything for everyone.

Dow was up 5.5% not 3.4% (marketwatch)

Gold was up 10.23% and not 35%

US house prices were only down 4% ish and not a ludicrous 16% (sandp)

US rates stayed flat mostly

The English Premier League didn't go bust thanks to lax money laundering checks (Blackburn Rovers for starters)

UK police were nearly fired during the summer civil looting (or as the BBC calls them the "riots)"

What we never saw was Paul Ruddock being knighted. Arise Sir Hedgie. (daily mail) In 2012 his wife will win the Booker prize (amazon)

Here are some predictions for 2012:

The world will not end
Dow is up 7.8%
Obama is re-elected
Sarkozy becomes a chat show host
UK wins 1 medal at the Olympics in London
Russell Brand marries (oops, wrong blog)
Long plays will be French wine, tobacco, Samsung, Big Macs and Toyota
Short plays will be anything European
UK to declare war on France when the Euro collapses in Q2
Q1 Greece will leave the Euro (please)
S&P downgrades the USA to junk in error
Gold increases 20%
Bank of America goes bust (again)

Goldman Sachs will buy out Bank of America and then split off into a new firm called Goldman Sachs Wealth Management


Corp Tax said...

Happy New Year Fintag. From your predictions I take you are long Japan (toyota), USA (Big Mac), Korea (Samsung) and France?

Anonymous said...

will the real Fintag please show his face in 2012

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